Having excellent electromechanical core competence and solid experience in electromechanical practice, JEBT’s project improvement team can provide comprehensive assistance to customers in equipment upgrading and system monitoring covering a comprehensive scope from consulting, planning, design & manufacturing, field arrangement, to aftersales service.

1.Robot position monitoring system 

ROC Patent M366104
This is a monitoring system specially designed for robots or moving mechanisms that require precise positioning. Robots, which consists of multiple active or passive components such as motors, belts, pulleys, bearings, and ball spindles, are bound to experience wear and tear or even damage after a prolonged period of use because the above-mentioned components are actually consumables. For example, a worn out or broken belt will definitely cause errors in the coordinates of the end arms of a robot, which may eventually damage a single wafer or a series of wafers in succession. This system can monitor the space coordinates of the end arms of robots. If the measured distance exceeds a preset tolerance, the system will send out an alarm or can even start the interrupt mechanism of the machine to prevent the scrapping of a large number of wafers.

2.Flow monitoring system

Fluid flow is an extremely important yet frequently overlooked link in hi-tech industry and one of the major causes of substantial scrapping. Our company has developed multiple slurry/chemical/DI flow monitoring mechanisms according to customers’ requirements. These powerful and reliable mechanisms can be designed and customized according to customers’ actual needs and have been installed in major semiconductor manufacturers’. The results of the years long operation of the mechanisms have been favorably commented by customers.

3.HEPA differential pressure monitoring system

Nowadays, semiconductor manufacturers have extraordinary high requirements on cleanness. The equipment they used is so designed that it is in itself a miniature clean room and its various parts may have different pressure. However, as there lacks strict monitoring mechanism, the equipment may produce abnormal products or even lead to mass scrapping when there is something wrong. This monitoring system can monitor the clean area in terms of differential pressures and fan speeds. It has a user-friendly interface which is simple and clear. The customer can set the alarming threshold to meet his requirements all by himself.

4.Developing other monitoring systems or automation equipment

We have the competence to solve the problems of open loop or insufficient monitoring and we do provide such service items. So far, our company has installed at least more than one thousand monitoring systems covering parameters such as flow, pressure, temperature, rotation speed, leakage, and etc. These monitoring systems have brought significant benefits to our customers. In addition to monitoring system, the development of automation equipment is also a business item of our company. All inquiries are welcome.

Improvement cases

The RMS is the monitor for end of robot arm position. The interlock will work if the robot arm shift out of the tolerance.
The RMS-Real time is suitable for every robot. It is not necessary to adjust the tool recipes and will not affect the tool output.

Customer request: Increase the life time to above 3 times to reduce the tool down time 8 months  → 24+ months

Solution: Modify the routing of the T/F sensor cable from twisting to bending

Customer request: Increase 10% throughput for short polish time process without adding tools

Solution: Upgrade the Z-driving system of the transfer robot to high speed servo system

Customer question: ASML NXT Tools’ BCR has existed losing barcode and reading problem.

Solution: Update and remanufacture old into New BCR